The Gold Standard

for Soccer Conditioning

and Injury Prevention


Jones Elite Athletes provides an exceptional strength and conditioning program tailored for youth and elite soccer teams. Training is provided at our facility in Plano, TX or we can come to you and provide training on the field. The program is designed to improve muscular endurance, strength, speed, agility, and vertical jump height all while reducing risk for knee and hamstring injury. Players learn correct and safe biomechanics for soccer specific movements including jumping, landing, cutting, and shooting. 


Our program is designed to be an addition to soccer practice, not to replace such training.


It is soccer specific, evidence-based and found to reduce risk for injury in soccer players. 

We use FirstBeat to monitor training which is also used by England and Spain National Soccer Teams.


We model collegiate and pro athlete training programs and are heavily focused on injury prevention, as well as performance. 


We have developed a one-of-a-kind training module that all of our trainers are required to go through.


Our establishment is comprised of Doctors of Physical Therapy and professional athletes, offering raw experience and higher education as the basis to our training program. 

As youth sports are becoming more competitive, we urge you consider adding this as part of your regular season regimen for your teams. This will prepare athletes for a higher level of play and reduce their risk for injury. 



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*Discounts apply if your club or team is partnered with JEA 

Please call for more information 

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$600 for 12 Sessions

$480 for 8 Sessions

$300 for 4 Sessions 


Contact us for more information and to sign-up.