What is Dry Needling? 

Dry needling is a physical therapy modality used to reduce pain and inflammation and increase circulation by inducing a lesion in the soft tissue. It is essentially a non-pharmaceutical anti inflammatory. Dry needling is NOT acupuncture although the same tools are used. Unlike acupuncture which is based off ancient Chinese medicine, Dry Needling is based on the neuromusculoskeletal anatomy of the body. IDN is used to relieve pain by inducing homeostasis of the soft tissues. Research supports positive effects of dry needling in conjunction with exercise for many neuromusculoskeletal conditions such as sciatica, cervicogenic headaches, low back pain, and TMJ dysfunction. It is also used to enhance athlete performance and injury reduction.

 Jaky did dry needling on my shoulder blade area. Helped a lot!! - L.C. 
Jaky Wadie Jones gets another vote of confidence. She got me running again and keeps me going. I've had other Physical Therapists. Ummmm...let's just say....there is no compariaon. She's phenom!!! -L.M.